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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions that apply

In terms of protecting both parties between [bloginfo info=’name’], and customers. We are now writing all out clearly by writing on this page. Please read our terms and conditions carefully before taking any of our services.

Monthly promotion campaign

  • Items that displaying in 3D Drawing are only for illustration purposes.
  • Only items mentioned “ALL THESE ARE YOURS” meant to be yours while taking our promotion package.
  • Pricing shown in promotion packages is the price after discount. Therefore, no further discount is available.
  • No deduction is available in your kitchen size is smaller.
  • If your kitchen’s dimension is more significant than the size of our kitchen promotion package, you will need to top-up for the extra at a regular rate.
  • By taking our promotion package, those customers NOT interested in the gifts provided in the promotion. They may consider replacing them by choosing other products that we have. It’s better to go with an ala carte if customers want to purchase cabinet only.
  • “Extra Free Gift” or “Mystery Gift” to be given away while stock lasts and given as a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • Besides cabinetry works, we do not provide the service in wiring and plumbing works at all times.
  • If customers insist on plumbing or wiring works, there will be extra charge apply, and we will assign the said works to third party contractors.

Real color

As you may know, when it comes to outcome, chosen color and textures may vary from sample/color chart. Situations as follow:

  • Color display in 3D Drawing that we prepared.
  • Color display in Catalog.
  • Color display in Computer Screen(We will generally show you design through email).

Not our responsibility and we don’t bear it

When placing an order, this is what our customers need to know. Please be informed that we will not take any responsibility for the following circumstances:

  • Customers do not accept the color they have chosen earlier.
  • Customers change of mind for any amendment of cabinetry work at the last minute.
  • Labor, transportation charges will be imposed for extra works as requested.
  • Customers shall pay for the materials if required when we were requested to bring more materials.


The things listed below are only applicable for warranty.

  • The kitchen appliances supplied by Faber, Elba, and Rubine(1 year).
  • The kitchen accessories supplied by Blum & Hafele(1 year).
  • Cabinet (1 year)

Payment terms for homeowners

  • Upon confirmation of the order, a payment of 50% of the total amount is compulsory. And, the remaining balance will need to pay on the last day of installation.
  • Upon confirmation of the order, full payment of the total amount is compulsory for order amount below RM3,500.

Payment terms for contractors, designers & ID firms

  • Upon confirmation of the order, a payment of 70% of the total amount is compulsory. 30 % of the total will need to pay before the day of delivery.

Transportation charges

  • No transportation charges for most of the areas located within Klang Valley.
  • Or, transportation charges shall be applied if the delivery destination is not within Klang Valley or order amount less than RM3,500(different fees for the different areas). The transportation charges are from per trip RM200, and up to RM2,000.
  • Please contact us for checking out which are the areas that belong to Klang valley, but we do not cover.

Charges on the second delivery

  • On that day, if the installation fails to proceed due to the reason for interruption by a third party(ex: management, guards, contractors, customers temporarily asking for a change of installation date &, etc.). We will charge a transportation fee.

Works included

  • Supplying and installation of cabinetry and appliances SOLD by [bloginfo info=’name’] only. Or, Installation fees are payable, if the machines & accessories NOT SOLD by [bloginfo info=’name’].

Works excluded

  • Plumbing works, wet works, wiring works, and others not related to cabinetry.
  • The customer shall engage their plumber to connect the basin outlet and water tap fixing.
  • If you don’t have a plumber, we will assign the plumber that we used before. But, we bear no responsibility for the leaking issue. Customers shall directly deal with the plumber/contractor/wireman we assigned.
  • The customer shall take up all the risks which may happen during cabinet installation. Cases like our installers drilled the pipes or wiring hidden in the wall.

Discount rate

  • Discount is applicable for non-promotional items only.

Order cancellation

  • [bloginfo info=’name’] will not accept any order cancelation. Or else, the upfront deposit will not be refunded.

Use of website

  • All editorial content, graphics, and online materials on this site are under protection by international copyright law and international treaties and may not be copied or re-used without the express permission of [bloginfo info=’name’], which reserve all rights. Re-use of any of such content online for any purpose is strictly prohibited. Permission to use [bloginfo info=’name’] ‘s content is granted on a case-by-case basis. Please direct your inquiries to [email protected] The materials from this website are available for informational and non-commercial uses offline only, provided that the content and graphics are not modified in any way; all copyright and other notices on any copy are retained, and The Company grants permission. You may not display the content or material contained in [bloginfo info=’name’] on a website, whether for commercial or personal purposes without the express permission of The Company.
  • You may not copy or adapt the HTML code, CSS code that The Company creates to display pages. It also is covered by The Company’s copyright. The “look” and “feel” of [bloginfo info=’name’], and its subsites also are trademarks of The Company. This protection includes [bloginfo info=’name’] ‘s color scheme, button shapes, layout, and all other graphical elements.
  • Copy and modify any of our online/offline materials is prohibited, or we will take legal action for infringement under the copyright law against others who do this without our prior permission.


  • [bloginfo info=’name’] is a registered brand and is protected under the trademark law. Therefore, using our brand without our prior permission is prohibited, or else we will take legal action for infringement under the Trade Mark Law against others who use our marks without consent.


  • You must agree to our terms and conditions before using our website, and taking any of our promotion deals.
  • We reserve the right to change pricing, monthly promotion campaigns, and any information without prior notice.
  • This “T&C” is subject to change without prior notice. Please check it out regularly.
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